Friday, 14 March 2014

Four Rules about Allergies

An EBook by Therese Vahland

Rule No 1

Allergies are not always obvious

Rule No 2

Everybody reacts to things differently

Rule No 3

Your allergic reactions may change.

Rule No 4

Listen to your body carefully. Become aware of how it reacts to foods and your environment. This is very important in learning about your allergies. 



Everybody does not get an obvious rash or sneezing if they are allergic to something in the environment.

Instead, some may not be able to breathe properly, some may have an upset stomach, dull or thumping headache or feel plain tired and exhausted.

Where one person may have vomiting in reaction to a food, another may have diarrhoea, and another may have a bloated stomach.

If you are exposed to an allergen for an extended time, your symptoms may change over time, for example, from a dull headache to a piercing headache when around a photocopier or printer or fresh newspaper or magazine.

Symptoms may change over time from an upset stomach when eating seafood to vomiting and diarrhoea, rash and exhaustion.

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