Friday, 16 May 2014

7 Questions about Flower Essences

Roses are very powerful healers

What are Flower Essences?

Flower Essences are a a gentle form of healing that ease our emotions and give us emotional strength.

Are Flower Essences the same as Essential Oils?

Flower Essences are not the same as Essentials oils. Essential Oils is another name for Aromatherapy oils. Aromatherapy oils or Essential oils are made from the inner liquid or oils of the plant.

How are Flower Essences made?

Flower essences are made by transferring the energy of the flower into pure water. 

Fact - Every thing on this earth, including our bodies, vibrates at different rates - Physics.
Fact - Each type of flower vibrates at its own rate.
Fact - people with similar emotions tend to be drawn to each other.
Fact - water holds energy.

In making Flower essences we make use of water to hold energy. We can then transfer it to ourselves in our time of necessity.

How do Flower essences help us?

Flower essences can help us ease our emotions and strengthen us in our times of trouble.

How do we know which Flower Essence to take?

There are many different ways that we can know instinctively which flower essence to take.
Are you attracted to the name of the essence?
Do you like the colour of the flower that the essence is made from.
Do you like the shape of the flower  of the essence?
If the flower has a perfume, do you like the perfume of the flower?

Do you only take an Essence you are attracted to?

Sometimes we really dislike a flower or bush while someone else will like it.
Sometimes it is beneficial to take the essence of a flower we do not like. It might be addressing a deep fear or emotion. These emotions run very deep and will take more time to ease.

How do I take Flower Essences?

Flower Essences are easy to take. As you know they come in water in a bottle. This bottle is a dropper bottle. There is usually some form of alcohol in the bottle as a preservative. Take 2 to 7 drops as directed on the bottle. This liquid is placed under the tongue in a clean mouth. This means that you have not had any food or coffee/strong flavour drink for about twenty minutes before or after the drops for optimal absorption.

Flower essences are sometimes taken 3 or four times a day, depending on need.
Alternatively, the drops can be placed in water and sipped as needed.

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