Saturday, 10 May 2014

Anxiety Runs in Families

Lavender is a calming flower to have around you

Do you suffer from Anxiety?

  ‘Researchers are learning that anxiety disorders run in families, and that they have a biological basis, much like allergies or diabetes and other disorders. Anxiety disorders may develop from a complex set of risk factors, including genetics, brain chemistry, personality,  and life events.’  from the Anxiety and Depression Association  of America.

Yes, it is understandable that anxiety should run in families. We only  have to look around us at the people we know to realise that many things run in families. We learn to be who we are by the influence of our family. We eat the  same food as the people in our family. We have the same genes as the people in  our family.

All these things can and do affect us. We learn to cope in the same way as the people in our family. When we become adults we change who we mix with, have our own friends and are influenced by the people we mix with at work. We can even change our diet. Even if we are no longer mixing directly with our family we carry them with us for the rest of our life in the genes in our body.

We can influence how we feel by the way we think, the food we eat and the company we keep.

Natural ways to ease  Anxiety

The gentle energy of Flower Essences  can also help us with the way we feel. They affect our aura, our energy system.
Dr Edward Bach was a medical doctor and specialist in London in the 1930s. He discovered the benefits of the energy of plants and how they can also affect the  way we think and feel.

Coming with a long history, herbs can also influence the way we think and feel. Sometimes we need a little help to cope with the events  in our life. Herbs are a gentle, safe, tried and true way we can turn for our  health.

Tell us some natural remedies you have used for anxiety. This way we can help each other.


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