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Asthma and Tissue Salts



Tissue Salts to the Rescue

Mag  phos

Two Tissue salts that may help relieve asthma are Mag phos and Nat phos.
Mag phos (Magnesium phosphate) is one of the twelve essential minerals our bodies need. Mag phos eases spasms.

As mentioned in my last post about Magnesium, the bronchioles in the lungs, that is the airway passages in the lungs, go into spasms throughout an asthmatic episode. They become inflamed, go into spasms, and produce mucous trying to wash away the thing that is bothering them - it may be dust, smoke,  terpenes or some other substance.

Directions for taking Mag phos
Mag phos may help to ease the spasms so that you can breathe more easily. If your chest is tightening up, try some Mag phos. Take it at the first sign of spasms. Get in early. Stop the spasms before they get really bad. Take every 15 minutes for an hour. As the spasms ease, slow down the tablets.
Remember to take your prescription medicine if needed.
Nat phos
Nat phos
 or Natrum phosphoricum may also ease asthma. It may help if your asthma is brought on by mould or by exercise. Exercise can be as simple as walking or talking. Yes, talking can bring on breathlessness in some people. It is a form of exercise of the vocal muscles.

Running or walking may bring on an asthma attack in some people. It does not have to be fast walking, it can also be slow walking, depending on your own personal makeup.

Depending on the brand, take 1-4 tablets as needed. The tablets should not be touched. Shake the tablet into the top of the bottle and tip it into your mouth from there. DO NOT SWALLOW THE TABLET/S. Suck them. Let them dissolve in your mouth. These tablets are like Homeopathy. They have the energy of the salt in the tablet. This is absorbed into the channels of energy that circulate from your mouth to other parts of the body.

Do not take them with tea or coffee or food. They work best in a clean empty mouth.

The most important thing for you to do is to TAKE YOUR NORMAL MEDICATION FOR ASTHMA. Tissue salts are a companion natural medicine that may help your body along with doctor's prescriptions. Remember, asthma can be dangerous.Treat it with caution.

Tissue salts or Cell salts, as I have mentioned before, are very safe to take.
They can be purchased in the health food store or chemist.

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