Sunday, 6 April 2014

Flower Essences for Emergencies

Flowers share with us their gentle, healing vibrations

Major Flower Essences for Emergency

Flower essences or remedies help correct emotional imbalances.

Bach Rescue Remedy 

 is a well known group of flower remedies that are tried and tested to helps us recover in times of stress. This can be as simple as staying calm during a busy day at work, when we are depressed or when a major event happens in our lives.

Bach Rescue Remedy now comes in drops, pastilles, cream or spray. They are easy to carry around with us ready for when they are needed.

Australian Bush Flower Essences 

have a group of essences called Emergency Essence from the flowers of Australian bush flowers that help address the emotions of panic, distress and fear. Certain flower essences are there to help us in an emergency during times of stress. Take as drops under the tongue.

My Heartsong Survival Remedy 

is made from flower essences and tinctures and crystal energy. This has been proven to work countless times in times of trouble.

This remedy addresses the physical as well as the emotional. It is great in times of emotional stress. It is also fantastic for headaches, pain, coughs, sneezing, colds, or when you just feel as though you are going down with the flu.

Take a few drops under your tongue. Often the results will come quickly.

My Heartsong Survival Remedy 

 is also made in a cream which works well. The cream has helped people with back pain, severe acne, leg cramps and arthritic pain and much more.

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