Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Quinoa Porridge

Healthy Quinoa porridge for breakfast

Quinoa Porridge is Gluten Free

This recipe is chock full of antioxidants which are very, very  good for us. We have already talked about quinoa and about all the ingredients to make a beautiful rich Rhubarb compote.

If you have already made the compote then you are ready to make this very easy breakfast which will set you up and see you through the morning.


  •  Quinoa flakes
  • Compote made of rhubarb, goji berries,  prunes, raisins, crystallised ginger and dark grape juice sweetened with a little stevia or xylitol if needed.
  • Goat’s milk or almond milk or natural milk of your choice
  • Chia seeds, ground, black
  • Natural yoghurt, 99% fat free

What to do next

Into your breakfast bowl place 2 or 3 flat dessertspoons of quinoa flakes. Add 1/2 flat dstspn of chia seeds, 2 heaped dstspns compote, 1 dstspn yoghurt and 1/2 cup ( about 125ml) milk. Place this in the microwave oven for 66 seconds. This time may vary depending on the wattage of your microwave.

Remove from oven and enjoy. This is just the right temperature to eat right away.

After your breakfast you will know that you have set your body up for the morning. Have a good day!

Antioxidants  in the Goji Berry
Antioxidants  in the Goji Berry
Antioxidants in Rhubarb

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