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Inflammation is Connected with Emotions

The flowers from this willow tree can help ease our emotions

Inflammation and Emotions

Scientists have studied the relationship of inflammation and our emotions. The have found some inflammatory markers in our body that are tied to stress, depression and other negative emotions.

Inflammatory markers can be measured in our blood. Extra protein is given off from the site of the inflammation. These are the inflammatory markers.

Stress, Depression and Inflammation

People who are stressed or depressed have the same kind of inflammatory markers as people who have inflammation of part of their body. Therefore it is always important to treat the person emotionally. High levels of inflammatory markers are found in frail older adults.

Flower Essences

Emotions can be treated naturally and gently with Flower Esences. In the 1920s, Dr Bach, a famed doctor and surgeon of his time in London found a different way to help people. He used the energy of flowers and trees. These worked so well that he found they not only helped people emotionally but also physically. Since then his work has travelled around the world.

Negative Emotions and Pain

Negative emotions have long been tied to arthritis and there is evidence that they can cause the physical symptom of pain. There are many negative emotions including anger, hostility,  irritability, resentment, jealousy, shame and fear.

Bach Essences

Agrimony The person needing agrimony suppresses or denies their feelings and can become addictive.

Beech  This remedy helps people who are critical of others and intolerant of themselves. In the past they have not been allowed to express anger. The part of their body that is affected is around the throat, neck and shoulders and chest.

Chicory  The person needing chicory feels they are a victim. Their physical problems centre around the mucous membranes, sinuses and bronchiole tubes in the lungs.

Holly  Strong emotions are felt here. The person needing this remedy will feel hate, jealousy, rivalry and suspicion or vengeance. They have no compassion. They tend to get boils, skin eruptions and have chronic swollen glands.

Impatiens  Feeling tense, irritable, impatient or argumentative? Then you may benefit from this essence. These people tend to have problems with the colon.

Vine  The person needing this remedy may be very angry and controlling. They experience rashes, pain and infections.

Willow  People that can benefit from this essence feel bitterness and resentment and find it difficult to forgive. They experience colds and infections in their sinuses, ears and bronchial tubes.

Following are just some of my other articles on how flower essences can help you.

I hope you find a flower essence that can help you. To be human is to need help. There are no perfect human beings around yet. Let's work toward it together.

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