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Antioxidants in the Goji Berry

Goji Berries @
Goji Berries are an excellent super food

Goji Berries, Wolfberries

Goji berries are also known as wolfberries. They have grown in China, especially up around the Tibetan/Himalayan areas for
centuries. They are one of the most nutrient rich foods on our planet. The are extremely high in vitamin C and are an antioxidant rich super food.

Phyto nutrients – phyto meaning plant and we all know that nutrients are food. Goji contains B-carotene, vitamin C (300 times more than oranges), phenolics, polysaccharides and amino acids.

Goji berries are a neutral and balanced food, tonifying the blood, kidney yin, liver yin and lung yin they are alkalyzing. They contain 18 amino acids, have 10% fibre, are low on the glycaemic index.

Minerals are in abundance in these little red berries. They contain eleven of the major minerals and many trace minerals



Prunes are dried European plums. They are high in phytonutrients like vitamin K, fibre and the mineral potassium. They have soluble fibre which helps normalize the blood sugar, increasing insulin sensitivity which is a good thing. Prunes help prevent constipation and lower cholesterol. If you have untreated kidney or gallbladder problems then give prunes a miss.


Purple  grapes are the best for us as they have more goodness in that dark purple colour. Grapes are also full of phytonutrients and antioxidants. They help prevent heart disease and help maintain healthy blood pressure and even help lower high blood pressure. Grapes contain Resveratrol. This is well known to be of great benefit to the human body. Resveratrol is linked to lowering the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Resveratrol also helps improve the skin. Grapes contain antimicrobial agents which help prevent bacteria based health problems. Dark red grape juice is a delicious addition to our diet.
When grapes are dried they are called raisins. These are what are used for cooking.

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