Friday, 14 March 2014

Asthma, Allergies and Autumn

Goat's milk may ease allergies and eczema. Read more @'s-talk-health.html

Autumn is often a time when asthma appears more generally in the population, especially among children.
Speaking from my own experience, as soon as the weather started to cool down in the evenings my children started to cough and wheeze and experience restless nights.

Asthma, Hay fever and Eczema are said to be in the one family. If you or your children are susceptible to these then they will often have one or the other. When one disappears another will take its place.

Cool, damp evenings are often a harbinger for those coughs, colds and wheezes. Springtime is often a time for hay fever. Eczema has its own rules and may be aggravated by the body being extra warm and rugged up during winter or from the heat of summer.

My Recommendations to ease Asthma

No more cow's milk
milk includes cust
ard, yoghurt, cheese, cream, ice cream, chocolate and anything made with milk. Substitute this with Goat's milk which is often available in your supermarket or health food store. It is also available in powdered form.

No more wheat
 Many people are susceptible to wheat and do not realise it. If you are affected by wheat, this can increase the mucous in you lungs and sinuses. Therefore colds are worse with lots of mucous. There are plenty of other grains to eat and good products available made from them. Look at the Gluten Free products here as these have no wheat in them.

Try going without cow's milk or wheat for a few weeks and see how your health improves. You may feel it hasn't improved. Then try introducing either wheat or cow's milk and see how you feel.

Often you don't feel anything particular when you are having a product regularly. But when you have been without it for a few weeks and then have it again, if it affects you then you will notice a difference. It maybe excess mucous, colds, asthma, sick stomach or diarrhoea.

Be your own best detective and detect for your health and those of your loved ones. Happy detecting!

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