Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Dry Brushing for Good Health


Picture Dry Brushing for Healthy Skin

Dry brushing is an easy thing you can to for yourself each day. It stimulates the circulation system and the lymphatic system of your body. The lymphatic system rids your body of toxins. Dry Brushing helps to detoxify your body.

Dry brushing clears your skin of dead, dry flakes. It is generally advised to dry brush before showering although people with sensitive skin may find doing this after a shower is better for them. 

Brushing Direction

Start brushing at your feet. I prefer to use long sweeping motions with the harder sweep going towards the heart and the softer, recovering sweep going away from the heart. Others suggest circular motions. 

Remember the soles of your feet. Many people have hard skin on the soles and heels of their feet. Brush these regularly to have soft supple skin.

Brush up the calves and thighs, tummy and hips, reaching around to your back as much as you can. This is why a brush with a long handle can be of help. Brush your hands, forearms and upper arms, shoulders and chest. If you have dry, flaky skin, see it fall off.

You don't have to brush all your body each day. You can concentrate an one area or alternate areas. 

Dry Brushing helps Relieve Itching Skin

Dry brushing can help ease the itch of skin rashes but do this with care. Listen to your body. Do not brush where it hurts. Do not brush over infected or broken skin.

Leg Cramps

This stimulation can also be good for your legs if you are prone to leg cramps and also if the circulation in your legs is not very good. Be careful if you have varicose veins. Do not brush over them.

Enjoy your fresh, silky skin.

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