Saturday, 15 March 2014

Is there a Link between Asthma and Arthritis?

  Linking Asthma and Arthritis

A link between asthma and arthritis you say? But these are two totally different illness. Well, scientists today have found a link between these two different diseases. It is Inflammation - heat, redness and swelling. Other inflammatory illnesses are hepatitis, dermatitis, tonsillitis. 'itis is on the end of each of these words. It means inflammation.

Nutrition and Health

If you have read some of my previous blogs you will have noticed how I suggest using food for health. A connection has been made by nutritionists and scientists between deep fried fatty foods and inflammation. If you have any sort of inflammation, their recommendation is NOT to eat deep fried fatty foods. 

Fried Food is not Good for Us

So when your arthritis is playing up, do not have fish and chips for dinner or any other deep fried or fatty foods. Remember also that just a little bit of these foods is not alright when you have any sort of inflammation - that is heat, redness, swelling.

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