Wednesday, 19 March 2014

I HATE Scented Toilet Paper

Why have Scented Toilet Paper?

Everyone Uses Toilet Paper
Why, oh why do they have to make scented toilet paper. When I go into a toilet with these perfumes it takes my breath away. 

'Smells nice’ you say. Have you stopped to think what these perfumes are made of? Do you really think that manufacturers would buy expensive aromatherapy oils to perfume their toilet paper? Of course not!

Well, how do they perfume the toilet paper? What do they use? Have you ever heard of chemicals?

Who are the most sensitive people in our society?

Everybody needs to go to the toilet a few times a day, some more than others. Who are the most vulnerable people in our community? Babies, toddlers, older people and people who are ill. We’ll discount babies in our present discussion because they don’t go into a toilet.

Do you want your toddler exposed to chemicals?

Toddlers go to the toilet often when they are being toilet trained, and later as young children. Every time they go into a toilet that has scented toilet paper available they are inhaling a lung full of chemicals. Even worse is when a basket full of spare toilet rolls is sitting in the open air in the toilet. The perfume is overpowering. If the perfume is overpowering then the chemical overload is overpowering also. Do you want to inhale this? Do you want toddlers to breathe in chemicals that may affect their little tender bodies?

Buy Fragrance Free or Hypoallergenic

To protect ourselves and our loved ones, look for fragrance free or Hypoallergenic toilet paper. These are free of perfumes and much safer for us. Read the back of the packet of toilet paper. Look for the words ‘Fragrance Free’.

Making your own safe scented toilet paper

If you really want your toilet to be perfumed buy some pure aromatherapy oils. These are sometimes called Essential oils. These are oils of plants themselves. This is where real perfume comes from. Do not buy fragrance oils. These smell nice, but guess what? They are made from chemicals too. The fragrance oils cost around $5. Real aromatherapy oils will cost closer to $20. Which would you choose – the chemical or the pure perfume?

To perfume your toilet paper place a couple of drops of aromatherapy oil on the inner cardboard then place it on the holder as usual. Aromatherapy oils are good for you so long as you choose an oil you like. Fragrance oils are not.

Let me know what you think about inhaling unwanted chemicals in your own home.

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