Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Vegetables and Fruit

Fresh Apricots growing on a tree

Food Nurtures Our Body

We need food to nurture our physical body. In the early days of humanity food was gathered from the surroundings from plants and trees or animals that were caught. People went in search of the food, expending physical energy. 

How We Find Our Food Today

Fast track to our food system today, 10,000 years or so later. Not many of us expend energy in gathering our food unless it is a trip to the supermarket where we gather our food in abundance in a weekly trip.

Importance of Food in Wealthy Societies

People in Western society have become lazy and want their food by the quickest, easiest method as they are always on the verge of engaging in their next activity. Food is no longer as important to us as it was in days long gone because there is an abundance of it in our society. It becomes more important in societies where it is scarce. Over the generations revolutions have been fought because of lack of food.

Foods Can be GOOD or BAD for us

Food can be used to nurture our body. Increasingly, scientist are proving that it can also be used to make us ill - too much sugar, too much fat, bad fats, foods with high GI, food colouring, too much meat, smoked meats and too much food, yes, too much food.

Science is also helping nutritionists prove which foods are so good for us and why. Some of these foods have red and purple skins or green leaves. We have all heard that vegetables and fruit are good for us. Now we have access to the knowledge of which of these vegetables and fruits are the best and why.

More about these foods next time...

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