Saturday, 1 March 2014

Asthma and Magnesium

Homeopathic medicine is all natural


I have found that Homeopathic Magnesium phosphate generally known as Mag phos has eased my asthma remarkably.

Mag phos is a homeopathic remedy made from Magnesium. A homeopathic remedy is made very scientifically. There are different strengths or potencies for each remedy.

 Different strengths of Homeopathy medicines

6x strength or potency is the lowest generally accepted potency which is available to the general public in Health food stores in Australia.

In Australia higher potencies or strengths need to be dispensed by a homeopath. In some other countries these are more readily available.

Each higher potency actually has less of the original magnesium in it. By the time it gets to 12x potency there is actually nothing of the original substance in the remedy. Only the energy of the original substance is still held in the pillule or liquid. The little pills are called pillules.

As the potency gets stronger or higher, the energy contained in the pillules gets stronger or more refined. A homeopath is guided by his/her study to know which potency is best for each situation.

Annie's Asthma symptoms helped by Mag phos

Chest very wheezy, difficult breathing, worse breathing out, better for warm air, worse for cold air and wind. Breathing difficult when walking, worse going up an incline, worse fast walking, worse exercise, worse talking.

Remember to be guided by your health care professional. Asthma must be treated by a doctor as it can be serious. Complementary medicines are complementary.

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