Sunday, 23 March 2014

Clean Air and Insect Spray

Clean Air

Clean, clear air of good quality is important to me. 
  • I like fresh air. 
  • I like sea air.
  • I like forest air.
  • I like crisp, cool air.

I like the air in my house to be fresh and clean and free of chemicals. We live near the sea and have our windows and doors open most of the time. 

How do Chemicals get into your Home?

You may wonder how chemicals can get into the air in your home. 

Do you you use any of these products?
  • toilet freshener
  • air wick
  • room freshener, even the ones that send out a spray every 30 seconds
  • hairspray
  • underarm deodorant
  • cooking sprays
  • insect spray - surface or air
  • ant killer
  • kitchen cleaning sprays
  • oven cleaner
  • laundry detergent
  • laundry spray
  • shoe polish
  • dry cleaning
  • Glen 20
  • scented toilet paper
  • perfumed rubbish bags
  • those little blobs that stick onto the inside of the toilet
These and many more products are continually advertised to us on our televisions as products that we 'must have' to have acceptable homes. If we don't use them then we are not good housekeepers.

Insect Invasion

Recently some ants invaded my laundry. They were marching up the door jamb and around the windowsill. Usually I will get rid of them by other means like using boiling water or lemon aromatherapy oils to deter them. 

Insect Spray

However they arrived on a day when I did not have much energy and I reached for a can of insect spray. This can of spray had lasted about five years so you can't accuse me of keeping the shops in business. 

I gave a quick spray, much as I hate to kill off the little creatures. If they are outside I will leave them alone. But they should not come into my home. 

The smell of the spray was overpowering. I opened the window and closed the inside door for the rest of the day. The next morning when I went into the laundry the smell was still overpowering.

Do you mean to tell me that the chemicals in that product would not affect me? It could kill the ants and blow flies. Surely it must be having an effect on me too. 

Well, the can of spray was empty and it went into the recycling bin. Good riddance. 

It's clean air for me!

No more chemicals.

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