Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Mould can bring on Asthma


Picture Allergy to Mould

Many things can cause the bronchial tubes to swell and inflame. When this happens it can be difficult to breathe. A wheeze or cough can start. This is called asthma. You can have an allergy to mould. This means mould can make your body react in a different way. Mould can be a problem in damp humid climates eg the tropics, or it can be a problem in damp, wet areas like the bathroom. It can also be a problem on windows.

Mould on Windows

On windows you say? Sounds weird? Well, check out your windows during winter. You may see black smudges or blurs on the window. Windows are our barrier to the outside world. It is often cold outside and warm inside when we keep our houses closed up during winter. We don't want to let too many of those cold winter drafts in to cool the house. Mould is a canny little thing that will take advantage of anywhere and anything it can get on to.

How to remove mould from your windows

Step 1 

Essentials: bucket, water, vinegar, rubber gloves, old toweling cloth, old toothbrush. Rubber gloves? Well you don't want all those mouldy spores attaching themselves to your hands, do you?

Add half a cup to one cup of vinegar to about one to two litres of water in the bucket. Wash down the window with the vinegar and water. Do this a few times to make sure all the mould is removed as much as possible. Scrub into all the corners with the toothbrush. Wipe over again. If you have a wire screen on the inside of the window, it is essential that it is given the same treatment on both sides of the screen. If the screen is on the outside of the window, treat the inside of the window first then treat the outside wire screen.

Step 2 

Non essentials: steamer, dry old toweling cloth. Using one of those little hand held steamers, spray steam onto the window to kill off any mould spores still attached to the window that you cannot see. Rub window dry with the dry toweling cloth.

Step 3 

This is the important step to make sure the mould does not return for a long time. Take a length of paper towel, damp it and squeeze it out. Onto this place some drops of mould removing aromatherapy oils. These are NOT fragrance oils. As the name suggests with the fragrance oils, they are for the fragrance - the smell. They are made from chemicals and their sole purpose is to smell nice.

We need the real stuff, Aromatherapy oil which is the oil directly from plants. These plants include cinnamon, nutmeg, lemon, eucalyptus. Place a few drops of these on the paper towel and rub this all over the window. These are excellent at removing and killing mould spores. When you are finished, leave the paper towel in the room. It has been shown that these oils can remove many spores from the air in the room in 24 hours.

I hope your asthma improves after you have rid all the mould from your environment.

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