Sunday, 2 February 2014

Affirmations, Words and Feelings

Words are Very Important
Words can make or break our day. They can make us feel happy, sad, rejected or proud.
Words can bring hope, words can cause failure. Words can make you show the other person that you can do it and you are not a failure, or they can last with you for 80 years believing that you are no good because you were told so when you were a child.

Words can build you up with promises. In years gone by, words and a handshake were the same as your signature on a document today. Today we bandy words about, often for our own benefit. Empty promises hurt the receiver of the promise and take away the credibility of the person making the promise. People begin to see them in a different light when promises are broken again and again.

Politicians are great users of words for their own or their party's ends. They are also often great breakers of promises. Teachers are influential users of words, teaching children how to use them. The media has a great influence on the words used in our society. Parents are our first teacher of words either giving a child self esteem or robbing them of it with their words.

Doctors, nurses, naturopaths and therapists can bring hope, encouragement, and a belief in yourself. They can also take away hope, withhold encouragement and believe in their power instead of yours.

Think about your words and the powerful effect they have on others.

Louise Hay has made affirmations popular. Affirmations are a group of words you use to tell yourself repeatedly that you can achieve and change your way of thinking. Affirmations have great power.

I am careful about the words I use when talking to others.
I have positive thoughts and use positive words.
I always use positive words to make myself and others feel good.

Have a great day!

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