Thursday, 6 February 2014

Supplements Do NOT Replace Food

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Eat fresh fruit and vegetables daily for good health

Eat Fresh Food

I just read an advertisement by a large, world wide company - suggesting that if you take two of their tablets you woud get the nutrients of 10 pieces of fruit and vegetables for the day.

Now, I would prefer to get my fruit and vegetables the natural way. I would still be pretty hungry after eating two tablets for the day.

I do hope that people who take these realise that they are only supplements and just because you take them does not mean that you do not have to eat any more fruit of vegetables for the day.

I hope they realise that it does not give them carte blanche to go out and eat fatty fried foods, pizza and chips, lollies and sweets instead of good wholesome fruit and vegetables.

Good Food, Fresh Food

Eating good food, fresh food, helps to build up our body's immune system. It helps make us stronger so that we are healthy. When we are healthy we suffer from less allergies.
I have friends who have a two Chinese restaurants. One of their most important rules is that the food has to be fresh and it has to be of good quality. If it is not cooked properly they will not serve it to their customers. With these rules, they have built up a good business with many loyal customers.

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