Sunday, 2 February 2014

Be your own Health Detective


You can be a
We are our own health experts.
No-one knows just how we feel but ourselves. We can look well yet we can feel dreadful, tired, rundown, lethargic or in pain. defines the word 'expert' as a
person who has special skill or knowledge in some particular field.
Well, guess what! You have expert knowledge in the field of how you feel mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. Remember our person is made up of all these areas.

Being the expert in how you feel physically gives you the power to decide what is best for you.

How to be your own Detective
With our busy life we can sometimes not realize what is going on within ourselves. It is a good idea to spend some quiet time each day, even 5 minutes to concentrate on how you feel. If you can find no other time, then even the 5 minutes of your shower time is a good time to think about your health.

How are you feeling in your body? How are you feeling in your mind? Do you feel happy? Do you feel sad? Can you avoid a certain situation that is causing you a problem? If you get in difficult situations throughout the day you can have physical symptoms of headache, asthma, palpitations or a cough depending on your weakness.

Start to notice when these symptoms occur and find out what caused them. What were you doing when they began? Were you arguing with someone? Spraying chemicals? Standing in the sun too long? Were you thirsty? Did you over eat? Did you have too much sugary food? Do you feel worse if you don't sleep long enough at night? Why don't you sleep longer at night? Can you do something about it?

Staying Healthy Naturally
We can support our body by eating natural foods, not junk food. We can limit alcohol and get rid of any drugs from our body. Natural supplements can help support our body.

Exercise can help our body work properly. When we go for a walk electrical impulses are triggered which strengthen our bones. Our bones are the structure our body is supported by so our bones are important to look after. Many minerals are held in our bones - calcium which we all know about and magnesium which is also very important for our bones are two of the major minerals stored in our bones.

It is important to take magnesium supplements because our western diet no longer supplies us with enough magnesium.

Take the responsibility to stay healthy by being aware of your body. Care for it. It is the only one we have. Do not give your power away to others. it is your responsibility to look after yourself.

Be your own detective! Happy detecting.

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