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Chakra Areas of the Legs

Chakras are Connected Throughout the Body
Many people are familiar with the concept of chakras of the body but few connect them with the legs. A quick glance at the colours of the legs in the drawing here will show you the association of the chakras of the legs with the corresponding chakras in the body. 

Refer to this article here to tell you about chakras in the body.

Chakras of the Body

When you can see the colour connections it is easier to understand. So, if you have something wrong with the top of your thigh - the blue area - do you also have something wrong with your shoulders or your throat area?

Complementary Colours
If you are an artist or even done some painting at school you may have heard of complementary colours. These are colours that look very good together. They are opposites on the colour wheel. There is a connection between these colours. They give each other a sparkle if they are in a painting together or if you wear them together. 

You will notice where we use the red and green a lot is at Christmas time. Everybody loves red and green at this time. Blue and orange is used at the beach. 

There is a connection between the chakras of these colours also. So the ankle area of the leg may be connected with the blue area of the leg etc. 

Using Complementary Chakras for Healing
Often when I do Crystal Healing I notice these connections. If a person has a headache - the violet area, sometimes it cannot be healed in that area. If I take the pendulum to the yellow area of the body, around the stomach, the headache is removed. 

When there is a problem with the legs, check out which area of the leg it is in. See if there is a connection with the same colour chakra on the body. If not, check out the complementary colour on the leg or the complementary colour on the body. 

Grayson's Story
A young boy I treated for many years had a connection between his ankle - the orange chakra of the leg and the throat, the blue chakra area of the body. He had a lot of sore throats. His mother could tell when he was getting a sore throat before he could. Two or three days before his throat showed any symptoms his right ankle would swell. It was a very good indicator.

Anne's Story
A young lady I know was in hospital having an inspection done of her fallopian tubes. These are in the orange area of the body. She was told that when she woke up she would probably have pain in her shoulders. This was a common occurrence. The shoulders are the blue area of the body, the complementary colour to the fallopian tubes. The nurses knew that this happened but did not know why.

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