Monday, 3 February 2014

Rethinking our Fuel Sources

Fuel sources will need to change for factories too
Wikipedia states that there are only about 50 years of crude oil reserves left. Mmmmm. I wonder what we are going to do after that?

The lack of oil won't affect me, but will affect my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. I wonder what source of fuel they will be using for transport? Will there still be cars? Will horses become popular again?

Many sources of fuel and different types of engines for cars have been designed in the last 80 years or so and each has been shut down because the motor industry was geared to the petrol engine. Factories were designed for the path they are still on. 

Electric Cars
How many years has it taken to get any electric cars on the road? In Australia, I still do not know of any public place where you can charge your car. I believe there are some in parts of US. In China millions of motorbikes/scooters are electric. However the millions of cars still spew forth petrol fumes. 

Are we in the western civilisation going to do anything serious about providing alternative fuels for our transport? We are thought to be the ones leading the world in new technologies.

Our cars and trucks are not the only thing that will be affected when the sources of crude oil run out. I have been writing in some of my recent articles about synthetic clothing. Polyester, nylon, acrylic, viscose, acetate and many other synthetic materials are all by products of the fuel industry. These will no longer be made. At least that will be a benefit. People may have to wear natural fibres again. 

Lipstick, baby oil, synthetic rubber, plastics and resins and many other products we use each day are also going to be a thing of the past. Well, the old stock will still be there, the things we are using today because they will never break down in the environment. Our plastic utensils in the kitchen will be around for a long time, but new ones will not be made once crude oil runs out.
 And we will only have to wait for a few million years for some more crude oil to develop. 

The lack of crude oil will not only affect the people who own cars. It will affect the pharmaceutical industry and the agricultural industry as well as the transport industry. As the supply becomes more scarce, the countries who do not have their own reserves of oil or gas will have to pay very high prices to those who control the reserves. 

Start Thinking Renewable
So start thinking RENEWABLE now. Each of us can do it in our own way. Whether it is growing a pot of herbs on the windowsill, growing your own sprouts, growing your own vegetables, walking instead of driving when possible or taking public transport instead of the car when possible. Try to reuse or recycle things before you throw them out. Make new from old. 

Talking Can Help Too
Talking about these problems is also a way to help. Educate yourself and help others become more aware that in the future there will be drastic changes for our descendants unless we become more responsible with the things we use now. Let your voice be heard to help find new and natural ways to fuel our cars or grow our food. We don't want to go down in history as the wasteful, greedy people in the 20th and 21st centuries. 

When you find people trying to preserve our environment, support them and their business. It is the only way we can gain a sustainable future. 

Our children are the future of the world. Train them to renew, recycle and reuse so that they can become responsible citizens of tomorrow. Tomorrow is never far off!

Renewable Fuel for Cars

Painting by Therese Vahland

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