Monday, 3 February 2014

Hyperactivity in Children

Clothing made from natural fibres is better for children
There must be a reason why so many children these days are  hyperactive. Have you ever thought it might be the clothing they wear?

Synthetic Clothing
Synthetic materials have edged into our way of life. Looking in a wardrobe today I would be surprised if you found an article of clothing that did not have some synthetic fibre in it. Even a lot of cotton clothing often has some percentage of polyester in it.

Children are very susceptible to everything. Their immune system is just developing. As adults we may be able to wear something that children just cannot handle. A baby or toddler cannot tell you if an article of clothing is irritating it. 

Most likely irritants
Any synthetic fibres are most likely to irritate your child. Sometimes you can see a rash and so you know that your child is reacting to a piece of clothing or elastic. Other times it is something invisible.

By the age of two or three some children show signs of hyperactivity.  Especially in these children, I recommend eliminating all synthetic fibres from their clothing. Look for natural fibres. Cotton is good, especially organic cotton. Keep in mind that cotton is grown using vast amounts of deadly pesticides. There must be some residue of this in the fibres. 

However synthetic clothing       like polyester and nylon and acrylics are made from petrochemicals. They do not allow the body to breathe. They do not take moisture away from the body as does clothing made from cotton and bamboo. 

Children become hotter when wearing synthetic clothing. They can also be irritated when wearing it. ‘Irritated’ does not mean as in having a rash. If a child wears synthetic clothing he may be on edge, cranky and irritated. The only way he can express this is by being naughty. 

Have you ever noticed your child hot and bothered and take off his/her jacket? Not only does it relieve him of the extra warmth but most jackets, hoodies, cardigans, raincoats and parkas are made of synthetic fibres. Your are relieving your child of the buildup of static electricity in their system. Static electricity builds up when you wear synthetic fibres. Natural fibres prevent the buildup of static electricity.

So when you are out shopping for clothing for your child the next time, look for articles of clothing made from cotton, bamboo, tencel or wool, jute or hemp. Try to minimize synthetic clothing made from nylon, acetate, polyester, viscose, triacetate and acrylic.

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