Sunday, 23 February 2014

Hay Fever Relief

Nat mur Cell Salts

Natural Hay Fever Relief

Natrum muriaticum or Nat mur for short is a wonderful, simple and effective natural remedy that helps relieve hay fever.

Here in Australia we are about to go into Spring. This is the time many flowers bloom and there is lots of pollen in the air. Also around the time of the equinox there is more wind. The equinox is when we experience equal day and night. This happens twice a year - at the third week in March and September every year. Leading up to this time the weather can become very windy. This can cause lots of sneezing and watery eyes  too, especially on the days of hot dry winds from the north.

Nat mur is a Cell salt. These can also be called Tissue salts or Bio-chemic salt. Our body is made up of 12 different salts or minerals. This is one of them. Each of these salts affects a different system in our body.

Nat mur affects the water in our body. It seeks to stabilise the moisture in our body, stopping it from getting too wet or too dry.
Nat mur is good for when we experience excessive moisture from hay fever.

Symptoms of Hay Fever are:

  • excessive sneezing
  • runny nose
  • watery eyes
  • irritability (who wouldn't be irritable with all these uncomfortable symptoms)
Nat mur can also help with sinus problems when there is excess moisture.

Skin Symptoms

Nat mur can also relieve blister type rashes on our skin. Watery blisters, eczema, and shingles may be helped or very dry, itchy skin for example in the creases of knees and elbows. Remember, Nat  mur is about regulating the water in our body, to stop it from being too dry or too moist. Eczema and allergies are common. It also helps with heatstroke.


People who need Nat mur may also hold a lot of grief. It is also good for people who cry a lot, or who cannot cry at all. These people also hold resentment and wish to be alone.

Nat mur can be purchased as tablets or spray for under the tongue, or as a Homeopathic remedy.

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