Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Glutathione - Major Antioxidant


Free radicals float around our body 
stealing electrons from other cells
What do Antioxidants Do?

Glutathione is known to be a MAJOR antioxidant in our body. We need antioxidants in our body to get rid of the free radicals, the little unbalanced guys that roam our body trying to get other cells to join them.

Free radicals are not good for us. They make our body composition unbalanced. These little itty bitty things that float around in our body should have a pair of electrons in them.

Because of the polluted air we breathe, and the chemicals we use, these radicals lose one of their pairs and go around to steal a pair from other cells - thus they are free. This damages our good cells which then become a free radical and do the same thing to the next cell. Wicked little creatures.

Glutathione is a product or antioxidant we make in our body to destroy these free radicals and stop them doing all the damage they do.

Glutathione is needed in our body in the blood, brain and cells. There should be a lot of it in the brain but when the necessary building blocks are not there for it, it can become deficient.

Diseases that can be helped by glutathione are Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease and Alzheimer's Disease plus many, many more.

A Great Detoxifyer

Glutathione can also help the body detoxify all those bad chemicals and toxins that build up in it.

Anti Aging

It is thought that a lack of glutathione may also be the cause of aging - not the fact that we get older every day, but the fact that out body gets worn out and shows symptoms of getting old.

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