Monday, 3 February 2014

What Can I Do if My Child Eats Dirt?

Some children like to eat inedible things
Does your Child Crave Strange Things?
Some children and even some adults have a craving for eating odd things. Odd things can include soil, dirt, chalk, pencils, plastic pegs, dry rice, faeces, soap etc. Other children or adults feel the need to eat flour, dry rice, ice cubes, salt or starch. 

This is an illness called Pica. It is not normal to eat these things. 

Yes, there is something you can do about it. Some homeopathy remedies can help. Look for a homeopath in your area to go into greater detail for the right 'Designer Remedy' that is needed. Remedies are very broad yet specific. 

Homeopathic Remedies to Help
Here are a few remedies to give you an idea. A homeopath always asks lots of questions about may things in your life, about likes and dislikes, times of day, emotions and lots more. This way the can find a remedy to help you.


Calc carb

Calc phos

Nat mur

Nit ac

Nux vom

These people crave starch, chalk, cloves, tea leaves and coffee grounds, raw rice and acids

People who need this remedy crave chalk, charcoal, coal, briquettes and pencils, all very inedible things. They desire eggs but dislike meat and milk

These people crave lime - not the fruit, slate, pencils, soil, chalk and clay, raw salt and smoked goods

Salt is the desire here. They dislike bread and fatty things

These people have a craving for lime, slate pencils, paper and charcoal, fat and salt

These people crave charcoal, pepper and chalk, fats and spicy foods

These people crave lime - not the fruit, sand and raw foods
Other Symptoms are Important Too
Some of these people may be fat or thin, have sweaty heads, large heads, be disturbed in other ways. They may get very excited, irritable, have sore ankles or cannot sleep. These symptoms have to matched up with the remedies then the best one selected. 

Many of these things are not readily available these days and so people who crave soil and cannot get to it - they may live in high rise buildings instead of a farm, eat other things more readily available eg plastics, plastic pegs plastic toys, crayons, paper, cardboard etc.

Have a great day!

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