Thursday, 6 February 2014

The Food We Eat

apricots on the tree @ www.allergiesandcfs,com
Fresh apricots still on the tree

Why is food Important?

It stops our hunger
It gives us energy

Food - The Supplier of Nutrients

Do we ever think of food as the supplier of the Nutrients we need? I would think this was rarely on our mind.

I am suggesting that we should carefully select the food to eat because it supplies our main nutrients to keep our body going. Without food, we die.

In our Western society, we are very lucky that we have a vast array of foods to eat. However we do not often choose GOOD food.

Food Renews our Cells

Good food supplies good nutrients to our body. If we need some minerals to strengthen our body we do not go out and find a rock to lick for the minerals. Even if we did, we could not process the mineral in that form.

Plants are the great 'in between' processor for us. Rocks that contain minerals have worn down into soil over thousands of years. Plants then grow in the soil and their fine little root systems absorb micro quantities of these minerals from the earth.

We absorb Mineral from Plants

When we eat these plants - usually green, leafy vegetable plants - we absorb the minerals. Our body can absorb the mineral in this form.

When the soils we grow our crops in are depleted of these minerals then we need to take the minerals as supplements because we NEED minerals.

Therefore, it is just not good enough to eat, we have to select what we eat. We should select the food we eat that is good for us. We should not just choose food because it looks nice or tastes nice or it is easy to pick up and satisfy our hunger or emotional need. It should also be good for us.

We are what we eat

Keep snack food to a minimum and use it only as a rare treat. Do we want the cells of our body made from fried food, pizza, chocolate, sugar or ice cream? Do we want to be forever tired?

Or do we want the cells of our body to be made of fresh, nutrient rich food that will give us energy? Your choice!

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