Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Are You Worse for Windy Weather?

Hens in the garden
Even my feathered friends can be affected by the wind

Windy Weather Coming

Today we were warned by the Weather Bureau that strong winds were on their way. Winds were to be from 120-150kms per hour - very strong, the strongest we had had for many years. (75-90mph).

Prepare for Wind

Of course the first thing we do is make sure that anything outside is moves in or stabilized so that it won't blow away.

I had to make sure that my hens were locked in for the night so that they wouldn't get out the next day and be blown away by the wind.

Preparations for Health

Our health can be affected by the wind. To some people that can sound very strange. To others that are affected by the wind, it is very real.

When I was a teacher I came to dread windy days because I knew that the children would be very scatty - hard to control. Even my mother used to get very irritable when it was windy.


Allergies and Asthma

A windy day can cause some people to get asthma. Going into the cold icy wind after being in a warm room can cause asthma. Hot north wind in the southern hemisphere or hot southerly winds in the northern hemisphere can bring grief to many people in the form of asthma or hay fever. 

Homeopathy and the Wind

There are some remedies in Homeopathy that can help people who are affected by the wind.
People who may benefit from this are affected by cold dry winds.
People are affected by drafts.
Calc phos
People are affected by the east wind.
Ruta and Nux vom
People are also affected by cold wind
People are affected by the wind
People are affected by the wind and stormy wet weather

If you are affected by the wind, I hope you can find a remedy that is right for you and take it before the wind comes so that you are not affected.

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