Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Spring Time Illnesses

With Spring time is full swing here in Australia I would like to share with you something that makes me happy when I get up each day. We have just passed equal day and equal night, a big event in itself, although it often goes unnoticed.

My husband's aunt used to say that people often got sick when the temperatures were rising. Going from the cold of winter to the warmth of spring can affect some people.

Also, at the end of winter our Vitamin D levels could be at their lowest. We make Vitamin D in our body from sunshine. This is why sunshine is so important. Vitamin D helps us absorb Calcium. It also helps keep depression at bay.

We always feel better when the sun shines. Because there has been less sunlight over winter some people get SADS. This is a depression that comes about because of lack of light. It is more prevalent and severe in the higher latitudes of the northern hemisphere, merely because more people live there. People live there because there is land at these latitudes. In the southern hemisphere we do not have a mass of land at high latitudes. People with SADS  benefit from being exposed to a full spectrum light each day throughout winter.

Hay Fever is another illness that comes in spring. It comes about because of all the pollen in the air from the flowers and from the hot windy weather.

Enough of that - enjoy some pictures of Spring time in my garden.

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