Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Crystal Essences or Elixirs

Clear quartz crystal
Clear Quartz Crystals are like frozen water

What is an Elixir?

Crystal essences, in a way, are similar to flower essences, only they are made from crystals instead of flowers. 


The definition of 'elixir' from the Oxford dictionary is 'a magical or medicinal potion' or 'a particular type of medicinal solution'.

Crystal elixirs work more closely with the physical level than the flower essences which work on the emotional level.

Clear quartz elixir is a great healer. It strengthens the body.

How to take Crystal Elixirs

A few drops can be taken under the tongue 3 or 4 times a day as it strengthens the body. Clear quartz elixir can be combined with flower essences as it magnifies the other essences.

The elixir can also be added to your washing machine when you put on a load of washing. It is absorbed by the clothing which then holds this extra strength in its fibres and protects us each time we wear it.

The energy of crystals is very delicate yet strong. It cannot be seen and most people cannot feel the energy of crystals. Just because you do not feel the energy does not mean it does not exist.

Can you see electricity? Does electricity not exist just because you cannot see it? Can you see the wind? No, we cannot see the wind but we kinow it exists because of its effects. I and many others know that crystal energy exists because of its effects.

I have had a lot of experience with crystals for 25 years or more. I can tell you that the things I have seen happen to people and the things I have felt myself during a crystal healing are incredible.

 I hope that one day you too may be able to enjoy the benefits of crystals.

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