Monday, 3 February 2014

Happiness and Health

Our emotions affect our health, so if we can be happy, this can help to keep us healthy. 
The small Asian country of Bhutan, situated between India and China,  has taken on the idea of happiness and wants its people to be happy. To this end, they have studied happiness with the help of scholars from the West. 

They have found that when we are materially and spiritually developed then we are at our happiest. They have named four things as being of great importance - sustainable development, cultural values, conservation of the natural environment and good governance.

These areas have been broken down into eight areas.
Physical, mental and spiritual health
Time balance
Social and community vitality
Cultural vitality
Living standards
Good governance
Ecological vitality

Keep a Diary
Happiness can be measured by keeping a diary. This only needs to be short. When writing your diary some or all of the above may be addressed. Take note of your economic state, your environment, your spiritual, physical and mental health, your working and social life. By recapping each day, you can become aware of any imbalances and try to do something about it before it gets out of hand. 

I sometimes think of the British and Irish men and women who came to Australia over 200 years ago. The settlers who took up land in the far flung areas of this vast country had nobody to talk to. Some kept a diary and spilled their thoughts into it. What a treasure for the ones who could write. This helped them keep track of what went on in their life. 

Having enjoyment in our life brings the sunshine into our heart and soul. Try to include some of it in your everyday life. Bitterness and unhappiness in our life only brings illness with it. 

In the words of the famous song
Don't worry, Be happy!

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