Saturday, 22 February 2014

Survival Remedy Essence


Survival Remedy Essence

Flower Essence Synergy

My Heartsong Survival Remedy Essence is a synergy of flower and crystal energy. When these tinctures of blue and orange flowers were mixed together they made an explosion of powerful energy available to us. These were mixed together with flower essences and Crystal elixir to create a power base of healing contained in a bottle. A real  genie in a bottle.

This energy is held in water and preserved with alcohol. It comes in a dropper bottle. 

How to Use

Shake the bottle. Take 5 drops of the essence ond drop them under the tongue. Preferable used them about 20 minutes away from food or drinks, except water.

This Survival Remedy is wonderful to take in times of stress. It can also help when our stress causes physical symptoms like headaches, exhaustion or sleeplessness.

My Heartsong Survival Remedy Cream is a natural based cream containing Survival Remedy Essence. It is good to apply for skin problems, arthritic and muscular aches and pains, acne and eczema. Rub into areas affected as needed.

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