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Amethyst Crystal for Healing

Amethyst Crystal for healing
Amethyst Crystal for Healing

Amethyst is a quartz crystal. It is in the same family of crystals as Clear Quartz crystal. Real amethyst crystals do not grow as big as clear quartz crystals therefore it is more difficult to find large crystals of these.

The amethyst crystal resonates with the brow chakra and crown chakra. These chakras are centred in the middle of the forehead and the top of the head.

Chakras are centres of energy unseen by us. It is in these areas that energy comes in and goes out of our body. These areas may become unbalanced. We know that they are unbalanced when we have pains in our body.

Chakras are a bit like the wind. We cannot see the wind but we know it is there by what happens when it is present. The wind can be a soft gentle breeze or the powerful energy of a cyclone or hurricane. It can blow in one direction or seem to gust and swirl in many directions unable to make up its mind about which way to blow.

However, when we have a pain in an area of our body, the unbalanced area is not always directly there. It may be referred from another chakra centre.

For example cramps in the legs may be treated at the Solar Plexus, the energy in the centre of the body in the stomach or middle of the waist area. Headaches can also be treated in this area. It depends on each and every person which energy centre of their body is unbalanced at that time.

Crystal Healing
To give yourself a lovely crystal healing, put on some soft, beautiful, calming music, lie on your bed or the floor. Place an amethyst crystal on your forehead and a clear quartz crystal on the solar plexus, the centre of your waist. Close your eyes and drift off into Quiet Land for as long as you have time. This is a very soothing and healing experience.

To incorporate other healing modalities, you can put a drop of My Heartsong Survival Essence on your forehead before you place the crystal there. When you have finished your healing experience, place another couple of drops of this Survival Essence on your crystal. It is a great cleanser for your crystal.

You could also place some lavender oil on your forehead before placing the crystal there. Apply the lavender oil with your finger. Do not hold the bottle above your forehead to let a drop fall from it. You do not want lavender oil or any other aromatherapy oils getting in your eyes.

Amethyst crystals can vary in shade from light to dark purple. Amethyst is probably my favourite crystal. I love its purple colour.

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