Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Allergies and Perfumes

Perfumes are mostly made from chemicals
People with allergies are often affected by perfumes. Perfumes may once have been thought of as the scented waters that women applied to themselves to make themselves smell pretty.

With the growth of the Perfume and Cosmetic industries there is now a vast array of perfumes.

Once perfumes were made from real flowers. These sweet smelling flowers were then able to be distilled and the oil of the flower was collected. This is now used as aromatherapy oil. It can be used to make perfume, but most perfumes today are made with chemicals. So probably the perfume you adore has been made in the laboratory with chemicals.

Where Perfumes can be Found

Perfumes can be found throughout our society today. They abound in the workplace, wherever people gather, and especially in the home. They are in

after shaves
personal hygiene sprays
Household cleaners
dishwashing liquid
laundry powder
fabric softener
sun cream
car fresheners
hair conditioner
hair gel
wet wipes
air fresheners
toilet paper
wool wash
anti-bacterial sprays
baby powder
hair shampoo
hand sanitisers
liquid soap in public washrooms

Places to Avoid

Super market aisles near laundry powders and cleaners, cosmetics and sugar.
Groups of people early in the morning.

I know you are going to you are going to say 'What? Has she gone mad?' But here's the reason.

What do most of us do when we get up in the morning? Have a shower with nice smelling soap, wash our hair with perfumed shampoo and conditioner, dry ourselves with fabric softened towels, use deodorant. Ladies may put on perfumed face cream, sun cream or cosmetics and perfume. Men may apply shaving cream or after shave lotion, maybe some hair gel.  
When they they walk out of the bathroom they are fresh and FULL of chemicals. When a group of these people get together it can spell disaster for the chemically sensitive.

Where would these people be? At church, on trains and buses and at work.

What to do about it?

Find out my suggestions in my next article.

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