Thursday, 20 February 2014

Flower Essences for Healing

Flower Essences come in dropper bottles.

Vibrational Healing

 Essences are just vibrations of the flower captured in the water and preserved with alcohol. We vibrate constantly.
Everything vibrates. This is a rule of Physics. When you find the essence that resonates (vibrates on your level) with you, healing takes place. We resonate with friends and are aggravated by some people as though we were rubbed with sand paper. It is the same with flower essences.


 The essences are safe to use because there is nothing  of the flower in the water. The flowers sit in the water for 3-4 hours then they are taken out. Nothing physical is left behind. Plants used are non-poisonous. Some plants have very strong healing  properties eg foxglove, and must be used in the most minute quantities. As an  essence their healing power can be used and not the plant so that the essences are safe.

Rescue Remedy

Rescue Remedy is the name on most people’s lips if you mention flower essences. This remedy works so well in relieving people of everyday fright, exhaustion, sleeplessness and distress. Dr Edward Bach combined certain essences  to help people overcome distress. It also helps turn people’s attitude in the case of severe distress as in the case of despair.

Survival Remedy

Survival remedy is made by My Heartsong Essences. It is made of flowers, tinctures and crystals. It is a very powerful remedy. The flowers used are orange and blue giving a beautiful balance connecting the throat chakra with the sacral chakra the centres for expression and emotions.
Survival Remedy helps ease emotions, bringing calm when the mind is in turmoil. In this way it can help ease one into sleep, calm the emotions. It is a great help when one is experiencing a bout of sneezing or coughing and helps ease headaches.

Emergency Essence

This essence is made of the Australian Bush flowers. It works similarly to the Rescue Remedy.

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