Sunday, 9 February 2014

Renewable Fuel for Cars

What sort of fuel will cars of the future use? Will it be better for our health? Will it be sustainable?

Sustainable Energy

One of our sons is doing a Masters degree in Sustainable Energy where he is looking at ways we can make energy that is renewable so that we will not run out of supplies. People have come from all over the world to do this course. 

These energy supplies can come from the sun, the wind or waves. Oil can also be extracted from a special variety of algae - the green stuff that grows in water. Other forms of fuel can be made out of crops eg corn. These sort of fuels are called bio-fuels.

Diminishing Oil Reserves

Oil reserves on our planet have taken millions of years to build up. In the last 100 years we have been guzzling these reserves for our very thirsty motor cars.

We have been warned by scientists over recent years that the oil reserves are getting lower. Imagine that. What has taken millions of years to get there can do a big disappearing act in just 100 years. 

Energy for the Future

What sort of fuel will our grandchildren and great grandchildren be using in the 100 years time if there is no oil left for them? Are we being greedy?

Some engineers have been seriously thinking about this problem and trying to do something about it.

Fuel with less Chemicals

We now have electric cars coming onto the market but there are not many of them and electricity has to be made somewhere. Also the batteries that they use to store the energy will have to be disposed of very carefully or they will become another health hazard for future generations.

Other clever people are trying to make fuel out of plant products and algae. They are succeeding though these things take time to make the fuels in large quantities and arrange for them to be readily available at fuel stations.

We need a fuel supply that is less reliant on chemicals and better for our health.

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