Monday, 3 February 2014

Static Electricity

Walk barefoot in the water at the beach
Electrical Charges in our Body
A buildup of electrical charges in our body can cause unpleasant sensations and even pain. 
Some of us may have felt a zap when we have been getting out of the car or touching a metal door. This is called static electricity. It is not the same as an electric shock but it can frighten and even hurt. Sensations vary from a tingle to pain. A zapping sound may sometimes be heard.

Static electricity is increased around synthetic materials and electrical equipment. Many cars have synthetic seat covers or are made out of synthetic materials. Synthetic materials includevinyl, polyester, viscose and nylon. When we slide or turn in the car as we get out of it, then touch the metal of the car we can get a zap of static electricity. The rubbing of synthetic materials causes a buildup of electrical charges.

Walking, running or sliding on synthetic carpets can also cause the same problem. Some years ago my husband was working in a computer lab. This was in the early days of computers. He was sitting on a vinyl chair - what else - and it had plastic castors. He rolled across the synthetic flooring on his synthetic chair and touched the keyboard of the computer. This shorted it out! Kaboom! Keyboard was dead.

So you can see that this electrical buildup in our body and the equipment around us can cause big problems. 

Static electricity is worse in winter time when the air is dry. Rooms are warmed by air conditioners and the air tends to be drier. Anyone working around office equipment eg photocopiers, printers, fans can also get a buildup of electrical charges. 

Annie's Story
My friend Annie always had problems. When she went to open the fridge, the door tingled. When she used the sewing machine she got buzzes going right through her. When she got out of a car she was scared to touch the car door to close it because of the painful zap she got. Even when shopping she had to be careful not to touch any metal doors or shelving in the shops. Door handles were out.

How to Reduce Static Electricity in your Body
If you live near the beach, go walk in the water. Annie reported an amazing sensation as soon as her feet touched wet sand. She could feel the electrical energy draining from her head and travelling down through her body and out through her feet. 

She walked in the sea water regularly to drain this energy out of her and it worked. Her buildup was so strong that it took a few months to get rid of the sensations but they did disappear entirely. Annie now no longer needs to be careful when getting out of a car or opening a door. She feels safer and much better. She goes for a walk in the water every few months just to drain any excess electrical energy from her body. 

If you do not live near a beach try walking on damp grass early in the morning. This may be in your backyard or in the local park.

Wear clothing made from natural fibres. Natural fibres do not build up electrical charges in your body. Shoes made of natural fibres will help too. Shoes can be made of leather, cotton, sisal or hemp and have cork or leather soles. They are harder to find but are available. 

People with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, low immune system, allergies and eczema are sometimes more susceptible to the buildup of static electricity in their 
system. All the more reason to wear clothing made of natural fibres.

Try moisturising your body so that it does not get too dry. This may help if you are unable to do any of the above. 

Have a great static free day. Cheers

Photo by Therese Vahland

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