Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Cleaning without Chemicals

Use environmentally friendly cleaners

Environmentally Friendly Cleaners

Water   Bi-carbonate of Soda   Vinegar

The best thing to use to clean is water. We are very lucky in our Western society that we have clean water and enough water to be able to clean with.

Add to this Bi-carbonate of soda, or often called carb
. You will fine bi-carbonate of soda readily available in the supermarket. It is not expensive. 

Who should use Environmentally Friendly Products?

If you care for the environment of our world, EVERYBODY should use these products.
I know most people are hoodwinked by the big chemical companies who make all the cleaning products. After all these products have pretty labels, pretty colours and pretty perfumes (to some).

However there are some people who definitely should use any natural products. These are people with allergies, asthma, hay fever, eczema, a weakened immune system, any illness, especially major illness and any parents with young children. The elderly also come in this group, also people in

Why would you want to submit your baby or toddler or young school age child to chemicals in their surrounding? Their young body is just forming. They do not need to be riddled with chemicals in their system. If you keep your young children safe from chemicals as much as you can while they are at home, which is probably up to 16 hours a day, they will be better able to withstand to the onslaught when they are at school. 

You are the guardian of your young child! Take care.


For marks that just will not move with water, sprinkle on some carb soda then rub with a damp cloth. Repeat if needed. If this does not move them, pour vinegar over them, let it sit for a while. Wipe off. If the stain is still there, reapply the carb soda.


For a sparkling sink, sprinkle carb soda onto a damp cloth and scrub the sink. Use an old toothbrush around the drain. Scrub down into the pipe of the drain with your toothbrush too. It's amazing what gunk attaches itself to the inside of this pipe. Keeping it clean can help eliminate odours. Pour carb soda down the drain then pour some vinegar down after it. It will bubble up. This is okay.  This will also help loosen the gunk in the drain. Rinse clean.


As for the bench, use water and dishwashing detergent. Add carb soda to get off the


Now, DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES USE PROPRIETARY OVEN CLEANERS. They are dangerous stuff for people with allergies. Have the oven warm, not hot. Sprinkle the base of the oven with carb soda then pour on some vinegar. When the two mix together they will bubble. This is okay. mix these into  paste on the floor of the oven and leave for an hour or so. The gunk will be softened and will come off more
easily. Repeat as often as needed.

One lady I know lost her voice totally for weeks every time she used oven cleaners, or when she went near new carpet.

My Favourite Environmentally Friendly Cleaner

My favourite cleaner is a little hand held steamer. All it uses is water which is heated to boiling point. When water boils it becomes steam. Steam kills off bacteria and cleans amazingly with NO CHEMICALS.

Steam Clean

  • sparkling sink
  • clean microwave
  • sparkling stovetop
  • clean oven
  • cleaner than clean window in the oven door
  • handles on cupboards and door
  • toilet button, cistern, seat and lid
  • furniture in the lounge room
  • mirrors in the bathroom
  • bathroom basin
  • glass shower walls
  • windows
  • edges of the dishwasher that get grotty
  • cupboard doors
  • washing machine
  • mattresses in the bedroom
  • drapes
Hand held steam cleaners are not expensive and in my view, worth using. They are environmentally friendly, using no chemicals.


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