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Feet and Leg Problems

What we can do when our feet feel like this?


Aching Legs, Tired Feet

Feet and legs are very important to us. They move us from place to place. They take all our weight. They need to be strong to do this.

However many people have problems with these important parts of our body. Women often have aching, tired legs at the time of their periods. People who play strenuous sport sometimes hurt the muscles or joints in their legs.

But what can we do when our legs just hurt or ache or our feet are sore or we can't put them under the blankets at night?

Dry Brushing
Dry brushing entails using a brush with natural hairs and brushing your legs and feet. It stimulates the circulation in them and improves your skin. People who are allergic and have a weak immune system can benefit by this. These people tend to have dry, scaly skin. Dry brushing removes this dry scaly skin, stimulates the legs and feet and helps relieve the tension in them.

Having a warm soak in a bath that has Epsom salts added to it can ease the ache in the legs. Epsom salts is magnesium sulphate, also spelled magnesium sulfate. It can be purchased in the supermarket or health food store. Use half to one cup per bath. You absorb the magnesium sulphate through your skin. It is good for aching and tired legs. It stops spasms or cramps in the legs.

This is something that you can easily do for yourself. Find a massage oil that you like and massage it into your legs each day. Perhaps bedtime would be a good time to do it. Then your legs will be relaxed when you drift off to sleep. This helps with circulation for your legs. Massage the full length of your legs and remember your feet as well. They take all the weight of the day. Peppermint oil added to the massage oil id=s good for the feet. It is refreshing and cooling.

Tissue Salts
Tissue salts, also called Cell salts or Bio-chemic Salts can help tired legs. New Era Combination P is a combination of 4 different minerals needed in our body that can help tired and aching legs and feet.

There are different homeopathic remedies that can also help to ease those tired legs.

Chamomilla    is good for burning in the soles of the feet. The person must put them out from the under the blankets at night, It can also ease restless legs when they jump about in the evenings or at night when in bed.

Graphites    helps when the legs feel congested or tight and swollen when standing. It may also help shooting pains in the feet and soles of the feet. Feet can be cold or burning and have a smelly sweat.

Medorrhinum    can also help with cold feet or burning feet. This person wants their feet fanned they are so hot.

Pulsatilla    can have red hot feet that swell. This can extend up the leg into the calf and have a stinging pain.

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