Monday, 3 February 2014

Natural Clothing is Best to Wear

Jeans are usually made of cotton
Natural Clothing is Better for our Health 
People with allergies and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) and any immune system disorder are especially recommended to wear natural clothing.

Natural clothing means wearing clothes made from natural fibres, NOT man made fibres.

Natural Fibres
Natural fibres include cotton, wool, linen, hemp, bamboo, tencel, sisal, alpaca, cashmere, jute.

Natural fibres let the body ‘breathe’, that is, the air can penetrate these natural fibres. They also act to draw moisture away from the body. Bamboo and cotton are particularly good at this and bamboo is better than cotton.

Clothing made from bamboo is actually healthier for us than clothing made from cotton, that is unless you use cotton that is organically grown.

Bamboo is actually classed as a grass and grows up to 4 feet or about 1.2 metres a day. It is very hardy and does not need chemicals to kill off pests on it during its growth. 

Cotton, however, is grown using huge amount of pesticides. Some of these pesticides must still be attached to the cotton clothing we wear. This is why clothing made from organic cotton is much better for us. It is more expensive but better for our health.

However, wearing cotton clothing is better for us that wearing clothing made from synthetic materials. 

Synthetic materials
Synthetic materials are made from petroleum oil based products. Plastics are made from these oil based products. Did you ever think that your synthetic clothing is a first cousin to plastic bags from the supermarket or the plastic drink bottles?

Annie’s story
Whenever Annie wore nylon stockings she nearly tore her hair out with irritation, especially when the weather was warm. They made her tense all over. As soon as she reached home, the first thing she did was take off her stockings and breathe a sigh of relief. Synthetic clothing did the same to her. It made her itch all over and she felt incredibly hot when she wore it. Annie soon realized that she might be able to get away with wearing something synthetic in the cooler months of the year, but just had to wear cotton clothing during the warmer months.

Also, whenever Annie wore synthetic clothing, she was full of static electricity. She would get shocks whenever she got out of the car and touched to door to close it. Annie felt in a much better state of mind when she wore clothing made out of natural fibres.

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