Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Flower Essences - How to Use Them

Glass dropper bottles with black nitrile bulbs

Flower Essence Packaging

Because the energy of the flowers is held in water, traditionally flower essences have been packaged in little dark brown glass bottles with a glass dropper and a rubber bulb on top of the bottle.

Squeeze the bulb of the dropper, let it go, and liquid from in the bottle will go up into the glass section of the dropper. 

How to take Flower Essences

Tip your head back, open your mouth and lift up your tongue (no, not with your fingers). Now, holding the glass dropper by the rubber bulb, drip a few drops of liquid under your tongue.

Do not touch the glass dropper with your lips or tongue because then you will transfer germs into the liquid when it is reinserted back into the bottle of liquid.

The water holding the flower energy can gradually go murky and sometimes get floaties in it if you continually suck on the glass dropper. I have seen this happen, especially with elderly people. The same can happen if young children suck on the dropper. 

Rubber Dropper

If you are very allergic to rubber or latex, you may have difficulty with the rubber dropper. Red rubber tops are made from latex as far as I know. You will sometimes see black rubber droppers. These are not rubber but made from nitrile which is safe for people with a latex allergy to use. It all depends how sensitive you are.
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