Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Dealing with Pain

Pain can be debilitating


Pain comes in many types and strengths. There is not just pain.

For those of us who experience severe and long lasting pain, it is very debilitating. Thankfully, most of us do not experience this level of pain.

Pain is described in many ways. Headache, aching, pain, soreness, back ache are different ways of saying where the pain is and that it hurts.

There is one thing that is true to all pain. No-one else knows how severe the pain is, just as they so not know how tired or exhausted someone else is.

What is pain telling us?

Pain is telling us that something is wrong with our body. We should listen to this and try to relieve it before the pain gets debilitating.

Is there something physical that is causing the pain, something that you are doing? Is it something in your environment that is causing the pain? Can you do anything about either of these things? Can you take yourself away from these situations so that the pain disappears?

Is it an illness that is causing something in your body to hurt?

Different Types of Pain

There are many different words we use to describe pain.


Homeopathy and Pain

Homeopathy takes these types of pain and uses different remedies for different types of pain.

Just looking at pain in the lower limbs, that is, the legs, some types of pain have many more remedies available to treat them.

This is why I call Homeopathy the Designer medicine. From thousands of remedies, your practitioner can find certain remedies that will suit all your symptoms. Your overall symptoms are not the same as anybody else's symptoms. We are individual.

After saying that, I am going to suggest a remedy that may help many different types of pain in the legs. This is called Rhus tox.

Rhus tox

Rhus tox is a great remedy if you find it difficult on starting to move. Once you get moving you sort of limber up and get going. I think of Rhus tox as being the oil that is squirted onto rusty hinges - it loosens things up. For stiffness on first movement, getting easier as movement progresses, whether in minutes or an hour, think Rhus tox.

It's good for joints, tendons, connective tissue and bone pain from over exertion, and also good for itchy, blistery rashes. A great remedy.


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