Sunday, 9 February 2014

QR Codes, New Technology

Have you seen these new marks on products?They are called QR codes.
Hidden in this code is a lot of information. it looks as though someone has been scribbling with a texta pen while on the phone, doesn't it?

Well, this code is especially for my website, 
This website is all about getting healthy using natural modalities, supplements and products.

Here's how to use it. If you have a QR code reader installed on your iphone or android then you are off and running and know just what to do. 
  • go to the App store and search for Free QR code reader. There are a few available. I selected the first one that came up.
  • Install the App. Tap Install.
  • Tap open
  • point your camera at any QR code and in a flash it has read the code.
  • Your phone will take you to my website.
I have seen these codes on the Post Office bags and in store catalogs. Scanning the codes will give you more information about the article or whatever the owner of the code wants you to see.

Scan this code and you will be able to find me wherever you are.
Have fun!

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