Sunday, 2 February 2014

Colours Can Heal

Aura-Soma, healing in a bottle

Aura-soma is a system of healing incorporating colour, herbs and crystals. It has remarkable healing powers.

A Story
My granddaughter, then just 3 years old, took a strong liking to my precious book Aura-soma, Healing through color, plant and crystal energy by Irene Dalichow and Mike Booth. She was absolutely crazy for the book and would sit for ages pouring through the few coloured pages of the beautiful bottles. I reluctantly lent the book to her - reluctantly, because I wanted to read it myself. I realised that she needed the colours in it for some reason.

She lived in a draughty old farmhouse with her Mum and Dad where the only heating they had was an open fire. She often helped her Mum clean out the cold ashes from the hearth and then opened the Aura-soma book to pour over it yet again. To this day the book is smeared with ashes and the central colour pages have all come loose from their frequent use. This is the power that these beautiful bottles of colour can have, even on a tiny child.

These beautiful remedies are a system of healing that were made by Vicki Wall. They deal with our total personality aspects - mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

They come in bottles. Each bottle has two separated colours in it. Just amazing. The colours can be shaken and never mix. If you wish to use these lovely liquids you will need to find a therapist to help you and guide you how to use them. You can be guided by your own sense of colour attraction for the deep healing you need.
What are your favourite colours?

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