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How Tissue Salts Work

Tissue salts are a safe, natural medicine
 Tissue Salts or Cell Salts
Dr Schuessler, a medical doctor in Germany, promoted a new system of natural medicines in the early to mid 1800s. He believed that our body needed twelve tissue salts or cell salts. These were also sometimes called bio-chemic salts. The salts were needed by every cell in the body for the body to stay healthy. When something went wrong with the body, that is, it became ill, we were deficient in one or more of the salts. By providing it in minute doses, we could balance our body and bring it to health.

Tissue salts or cell salts are the basic chemical building  blocks found in the body.

Because of the benefits tissue salts have given people, they are still a very popular form of alternative medicine 200 years later, a form of natural medicine that people can safely use for themselves.

Micro doses of minerals are quickly absorbed through the mouth and these stimulate the body’s natural healing responses. They can be used to treat fever, coughs and colds, teething, muscle cramps, sore throat, skin problems and much more.

Reasons Why Tissue Salts are so Popular
Tissue salts are still very popular because

they are safe
they are good for general health problems
they are non-habit forming
they are absorbed rapidly
they are not expensive
they are easy to take
they are non-toxic
they can safely be used along prescription medicine
they can also be used during pregnancy
The name salts does not mean that there is any table salt in the product. It is a way of getting the minerals into a substance that is readily absorbed by the body. The subtlety, harmlessness and effectiveness of these preparations have been  clinically proven for well over two hundred years.

How to Take Tissue SaltsIt is best not to touch the tablets. Tip the required number of tablets into the lid of the bottle and tip them into the mouth. Do not swallow them yet. Let them dissolve in the mouth then swallow. It is important to let them dissolve in the mouth.  This is why the substances are in such fine micro doses.

The tablets are immediately absorbed through the saliva. The body does not need to break down the minerals and so they are readily available.

How much do I Take?
Illnesses can be acute or chronic. Acute illnesses come on, have a short life and the immune system of the body fights them off. Chronic illnesses last a long time, maybe months or years.

There are a few different brands of tissue salts. Be guided by how many tablets to take according to the brand. However, for acute illnesses, tablets can be taken every half an hour until relief is obtained. Usually no more than 6 doses daily. When relief comes, ease back to 3 or 4 doses daily until the illness is gone.

For chronic illness take 3 doses daily.

Different Names, Different Brands
Tissue salts are made by different companies. These include Martin & Pleasance, an Australian brand and New Era. New Era tablets melt in the mouth easily. Remember, when looking for these in the health food shop they can also be called Schuessler salts or Bio-chemic salts. All do the same thing - supply micro doses of minerals to the cells in the body.

Where to Buy Them
Tissue salts can be bought in health food stores. It is a good idea to have a range of these at home for when the children have a fever or sore throat, or you have a headache or aching and tired legs.

For serious problems always see a medical professional. These remedies are not meant to treat serious illnesses alone but you can combine them with prescription medicines.

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