Sunday, 2 February 2014

Gluten Free Food

Gluten free bread
Gluten Free Bread
A few weeks ago we went away for a little holiday, just 5 days. We visited Ballarat, a lovely old gold mining town of the 1800s. Gold was what brought a lot of people to Australia.

Aren't we the same today? All the 'Get Rich Quick' schemes are just people flocking to the gold fields a couple of hundred years ago. Most people lose their money just like most of the gold miners never found any gold.

From Ballarat, we travelled on to Bendigo, also a gold mining town in Victoria, Australia.Gold mining is still in progress there today.

In Bendigo we visited the Chinese museum. I was surprised to find out the rich ties that Bendigo has with the Chinese people. The museum there is wonderful and full of the history of the area. Well worth a visit if you are ever along that way.

A magnificent Chunese gown
The garden at the Chinese museum
A map of the area
My Imagination at Work
On the way home, we travelled through the countryside. Much of the area we travelled through was very rocky with great boulders strewn over the hills. The boulders made me imagine that once upon a time there were gigantic giants living in the area. The rocks, many just gigantic, were the marbles of the giants who left them there from their game of marbles after they passed through the area.

Lancefield Bakery
On we drove to Lancefield where we came across a bakery that sold gluten free bread on Fridays. They have a Gluten Free day on Fridays when they bake all sorts of gluten free breads and cakes. Well, wouldn't you know it? The day we were there was Thursday! Why do I always come at the wrong time. Apparently they do take orders too and they are open at the weekends. They have a gluten free cake that is very popular also. If you are travelling that way and need gluten free food, try to make it on a Friday.
Giant rocks are strwn around the countryside around Lancefield
The lovely countryside a few kilometres on near Macedon

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