Sunday, 2 February 2014

Allergies & Stored Clothing

Keeping your Cupboards FREE from Musty Smells


Rotate clothing in the cupboard to keep them fresh

Have you ever experienced a draining feeling when you walk into an Op Shop (secondhand clothing shop)? Have you ever smelt an overpowering musty smell when walking into an old shed or basement? Have you started sneezing in these places?

Our cupboards can get this musty smell too and if they do it also gets into our clothing and sheets. Mustiness can bring on an asthma attack or overpowering sneezing and affect those with tendencies to great fatigue. We wish to stay as healthy as possible, boosting our health in we are unwell. Here are some tips.

Rotating Clothing & Linen
To keep your clothing in your cupbards free from that musty smell which is so bad for people with CFS, CFIDS, ME, Fibromyalgia and a load of other auto immune illnesses, rotating can help.

By rotating I mean when you replace your freshly washed clothing in the cupboard, place it at the bottom of the pile. Then use new clothing from the top of the pile. This way the older clothes are always at the top and you keep the pile of clothing cycling through.

This is also important in your linen cupboard and bathroom cupboard. Keep face washers and towel rotated, putting the freshly washed goods at the bottom of the pile.

Discard Unused Linen & Clothing
This rotation will not help you hugely if you have an enormous pile of sheets or clothes. Therefore, go through your cupboard twice a year and discard what you do not wear or use. Keep your stack of clothing and sheets small so that they are recycled regularly. If you have an excess quantity which you do want to keep, wash them regularly and hang them out in the sunshine to dry.

In the old days the washerwomen used to spread the delicates over lavender bushes to dry in the sun. This way they also smelt pretty when they were returned to the cupboard. You could add a few drops of aromatherapy oil to your wash load if it suits you.

Musty Cupboards, Allergies and CFS

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