Friday, 7 February 2014

Popular Natural Toothpastes


Natural Toothpaste

The most popular natural toothpastes I sell in my online stores are Propolis, Vicco, and Olive Leaf toothpastes.Today people are becoming increasingly aware of food they eat and the cleaning products they use on their body. With chemicals in the environment abounding since the 1950s, we are constantly surrounded by them. Today, more than ever before, cancer takes its toll on the community. It was a rarity in the 1930s to 1950s.
Commercial toothpaste is a product that has also been invaded by chemicals. It must make your teeth look whiter, It must kill the bacteria in your mouth and it must have plenty of froth and bubble. Then, of course it must come in attractive containers and sometimes the paste itself is even coloured, and be peppermint flavoured.
Well, I for one am prepared to go without most of this. I definitely don't want the chemicals, especially the dangerous ones. I don't need the froth and bubble. When was the last time that the air in a bubble of froth cleaned anything? 

What I Look for in a Toothpaste

My preferences in a toothpaste are
  • It must help clean my teeth
  • It must not have chemicals
  • I prefer pastes without essential oils as many of them don't agree with me
  • I prefer the ingredients to be of a natural origin so I know what they are when I read their names.
  • I prefer to like the taste

How I found Out There was a Need for Natural Toothpaste

I sell a variety of things on Ebay. I started out selling plants, cutting and seeds from my garden. I have been into Natural Health products all my life and make my own Flower Essences, Creams, Herbal Tinctures and Homeopathic remedies.
After a few years with severe allergies and chemical sensitivities, I was buying Natural toothpaste from my supplier. I put some on my Ebay site along with my bottles and vials and suddenly the toothpaste became popular. As I say, I didn't set out to supply toothpaste. However if people need it I am happy to supply it.

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