Friday, 21 February 2014

How Flower Essences Work

The depth of a flower

Flower Remedies

'Flower essences provide support in maintaining or regaining physical health.' They also enhance awareness, support and assist personal growth and facilitate spiritual development.

They are completely different to aromatherapy, having no smell. They work on energy alone, however they are still from flowers as are aromatic or aromatherapy oils.

The Subtlety of Flower Essences

Flower essences work on a more subtle level than the aromatic oils and are more similar to homeopathy.

Flower essences do not block feelings but work to align us with our higher self so that we may respond  increasingly in the way that is best for us under the circumstances.
Flower essences harmonise imbalances in the body - mind connection to mobilise our body’s own health-creating forces.

Flower Essences Help Healing

The mind, through the nervous system, is able to make physiological changes in the body’s immune system. Flower essences facilitate healing on a physical level by addressing the mental, emotional and spiritual  imbalances that leave us vulnerable to accident and illness.
  They do not act directly on the body’s biochemistry though some imbalances bear a more direct relationship to physical conditions and so some essences impact more on a cellular level.

Others operate more on the level of the chakrasenergy centres in the body, -  meridians – the energy channels upon which the ancient practice of acupuncture is based, - and in the aura, our etheric energy field.

'It is by balancing and harmonising the vibrations of the body’s energy systems that the well established disciplines of acupuncture and homeopathy operate.'

Flower essences also work in this vibrational medicine working in the energy field where they operate.

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