Sunday, 2 February 2014

Flower Essences and Water

How Flower Essences Began

Dr Edward Bach, then a doctor in London, England, discovered that the energy of flowers and plants can affect the way people think and feel. He wanted to capture the energy of these plants, but how to do it?

He placed the flowers in water in the sun then bottled the water, diluted it, and gave it in a few drops to his patients. These patients started to make remarkable recoveries. A new type of medicine was born.

Vibrational Medicine
Flower esences are part of a group of medicine called Vibrational medicines. They are called this because it is the vibrations of these remedies that we are using as a medicine. The vibrations are energies. Each cell of our body resonates with our own energy. Everybody's energy is different. Sometimes we need help to boost or change the energy in our cells.

Homeopathy is another type of Vibrational Medicine. Usually the energy is held in little white, round sugar pills. It can also be held in water. There is a thought now among many homeopaths that the homeopathic vibrations held in water go deeper  and work more quickly in a person.

Over the years there have been many critics of such a simple medicine. How could it work? As usual, it took science a good while to catch up and now it has although the knowledge is still not widespread. It takes time and a change of consciousness for this information to filter into the mainstream of people, let alone the medical community.

Following is a video telling us how science has finally proven that water can hold different energies. With this understanding, you can help spread the word.

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