Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Chakras in the Body

Different colours are assigned to areas of the body
Chakras are Centres of Energy in the Body
The knowledge of these energy centres comes from the Sanskrit or old Indian way of life. In many parts of India people, particularly men, devoted their life to prayer and meditation. They become very sensitive to the the unseen things of our world.

They have passed on to us this knowledge and gradually it became known in the West.

What is a Chakra?
These energy centres are like a swirling vortex where energy from the outside passes in and out of the body. It is a collection centre.

From here it spreads along our spine and from there affects  our body. We could think of this as our senses being on high alert. We are continually picking up things from our world as we go about our daily business. We sense that someone we know is across a crowded room or that the phone is about to ring. We may sense another person's emotions. We 'feel' for our loved ones.

These energy centres are called Chakras. They have also been assigned certain colours that resonate with them. These colours are the colours of the rainbow and arranged in reverse order of it.

Chakras and Their Colours
The Base chakra is at the base of the spine. It is affected by the colour red.
The Sacral chakra is in from the navel and has an orange colour.
The Solar Plexus is associated with the waist line area and is assigned the colour yellow.
The Heart chakra is the green area and of course, as the name tells us is associated with the heart.
The Throat chakra affects the throat area and is assigned the colour blue.
The head has the centre of energy in the Brow chakra, just between and slightly above the centre of the eye brows. We also know it as the Third Eye. The colour for this centre is indigo.
The Crown chakra is situated at the top of the head and the colour is violet.

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